Rates & Appointments: Your visits with us have a time span of 45 to 90 minutes. *We do our best to stay on schedule so that you will not have to wait.  As a courtesy to others, please arrive 5 minutes early to your scheduled appointments, and give yourself plenty of time to complete your treatment.

*During your appointment(s), if you decide to change your course of treatment (i.e. take away the barrier between your skin and heat pad or ice pack) you will be responsible for any adverse reactions this may cause to your treatment.


Insurance: Physical Therapy is covered by most insurance companies.  You may wish to contact your insurance company regarding your individual coverage.  It is your responsibility to inform our office of your coverage, any changes to your coverage and to supply all of the appropriate information including claim numbers, coupons, etc.  You are responsible for the balance due in the event your insurance company denies payment for services rendered. Payment Agreements are available. 

Out of State Insurance: LCPT does not accept all out of state insurances. However, on those we do not accept we can print any documentation you will need to bill your insurance yourself. Please speak with the front desk if you have questions about your insurance.

Supply Items:  (exercise bands, tubing, putty, etc.) As part of your physical therapy you may be given supply items for use at your home. The first set given to you is free of charge.  Additional sets are available; however Insurance companies do not cover the cost of these items.  Therefore; payment for these items are due at the time they are dispensed. The receptionist can give you more information regarding the prices for these items. Braces, heating pads, ice packs, BioFreeze, tape, etc.- These items are available for purchase; please see the receptionist regarding prices for these items.

Billing & Co-Pays:  We automatically bill your insurance company on a daily basis.  If we have not had a reply to our billing, we may ask for your assistance with a follow-up call to your insurance.  You will also receive an account statement once a month if there is a balance owing on the account.  Co-Pays are due at the time of service via cash, check, VISA or MasterCard.

Medical Records Release:  Many insurance companies require copies of treatment records in order to process claims.  This includes auto insurance, Labor & Industries, self-insured Labor & Industries and Office of Workers Compensation. 

Cancellations & No Shows:  Please give a 24 hour notice if you must cancel an appointment.  If the office is closed, you may leave a voice message on our answering machine.  *If 3 appointments are cancelled in a row or you go longer than 30 days without being seen, then you will need to obtain a new referral from your doctor to continue therapy. When you make an appointment, you are buying that scheduled time, unless a 24 hour advance notice has been given, a charge of $25.00 will be assessed. 

We do our best to stay on schedule so that you will not have to wait. As a courtesy to others, please arrive 5 minutes early to your scheduled appointments.  As a patient, it is in your best interest to receive therapy in a consistent and progressive manner.  If there appears to be a history of “No Show” appointments (canceling without notice), you will personally be charged $25.00 for the missed appointment time. If a Labor & Industries claim is involved, your claims manager will be notified.

L&I Claims:  If you have an L&I claim and have been approved for physical therapy, your place of employment is required to let you attend all scheduled appointments. We do our best to schedule you around your work hours, but we may not always be able to accommodate those times.

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